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Mirror Numbers

    This concept requires you to think in a totally different level, and the defintions for the Numbers as you know them do not apply !

In Math, you will find " Take away 9 " when researching Digit Sum, but in Lotto and in Mirror numbers to be exact; it is : Take away 5, and put back 5

    As you can see, we started with the digit 5 when taking away and ended with the digit 4; and started with the digit 4 when putting back and ended with the digit 5.....JUST LIKE A MIRROR IMAGE !  


   The Mirror Numbers concept might not be obvious when you are tracking your State Daily Draws, and though those Mirrors might hit on occasions ( usually they will be Partial Mirrors as in 2 or more digits of the previous Draw showing up as a Hit in the Next Draw) BUT if you are an ALL-States Player; it is a very valuable tool!

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