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Mazk Numbers

We are not in Kansas anymore !

It is a whole different way to look at and play numbers; and you have to read about Mirror Numbers first to have an idea on How the Mazk Numbers work......and Consider it a stage II .

You just replace the Digit with one of the Mazk Numbers; and considering that you have 4 Digits to replace; which leads us to at least 24 new numbers and opens a new field of plays, it is not an easy and automatic way to get the winning number; for it take practice and prior knowledge of the numbers drawn to choose which number(s) to play.

The List

Get used to Mirror numbers, And Mazk Numbers.... they pay BIG!


To change the number 6307:
==> 6 = 3
==> 3 = 6
==> 0 = 9
==> 7 = 2

And the output will be :

- Replacing the first digit only : 3307

- The second digit only : 6607

- The third digit only : 6397

- The fourth digit only : 6302

We come up with 4 new numbers out of one, and that is replacing one digit at a time!

Here is where the Prior Knowledge of the numbers drawn in your state(s) comes handy; the average output for any given number is about 24 new ones .


Tue, Jan 15, 2008
Midday Result 5-6-8 Replacing all the Digits with Mazk Numbers will give us 4-3-1
Actual Result for Eve : 0-1-3
If you are a registered member at The Mazk Touch Joomla ; you can test those numbers with an Excel spreadsheet.

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