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Key Concepts

Key Concepts

   Weathr your favorite Lottery game is Pick 3 or Pick 4, Those concepts will give you a new take on
HOW to play;
WHAT to play,

Mirror Numbers

   This concept requires you to think in a totally different level, and the defintions for the Numbers as you know them do not apply !

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Mazk Numbers

We are not in Kansas anymore !

It is a whole different way to look at and play numbers; and you have to read about Mirror Numbers first to have an idea on How the Mazk Numbers work......and Consider it a stage II .

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Mirror States

  They are called Mirror States; for they draw part or whole numbers of another state regardless of geography, just like a Mirror Image.

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Vertical Root Sum

   Most of us know about Root Sum, and how to use it, but we always use it in one dimension : Horizontal!

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